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Safe Non-Pyrotechnic  Smoke

CoolSmoke® is a cost-effective, low-toxicity, flameless self-generating smoke developed as a marker/screen/entertainment smoke or fog. This vapor was developed for the US ARMY to replace lacrimatory gas with a safer alternative for SWAT and Police. It can be packaged as a paste, in a tube to be extruded and activated or as a grenade can be dropped into water, thrown by hand, or launched into the desired area. A few grams of the paste immediately produces a highly visible white vapor fog when triggered by heat (not flame); it is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Safer than Alternatives

CoolSmoke uses a non-pyrotechnic activation (150 degrees activates the smoke). This  non-incendiary chemical reaction is comprised of safer materials than traditional smokes, and is therefore a much safer product.

Easy to Use

CoolSmoke has moved toward tube package. If squeezed like caulk from a tube, our entertainment customers find a few grams achieve their special effects. Our initial Army sponsored tests specified the smoke be deployed identical to conventional smoke grenade packaging to retain the look and feel of existing familiar grenades used by military and law enforcement. That is not the path our team is pursuing for commercial use.

Multiple Delivery Devices Available

CoolSmoke’s unactivated material can be varied from a soft paste to a soft gel without affecting its smoke producing capability.  The CoolSmoke has a shelf life of years and the 10 gms of smoke fills a 6 cubic meter of space. 

Longer Staying Power 

CoolSmoke has significantly longer staying power compared to traditional smokes. It does not settle quickly. It can be vented or easily dispersed. Less smoke volume is required to achieve a smoke screen. The color is currently white. Our chemists are varying color, smell and other parameters based on custom requirements. The odor is currently slightly herbal. 

 Minimal Risk 

CoolSmoke can be used safely in locations where conventional smoke could cause a fire such as indoors, on surfaces, grassy fields or within houses or buildings where damage must be minimized. Current smoke grenades are hot, they discharge flames, are triggered with pyrotecnics and are inherently dangerous. Our achieved US Army objective was to develop a safer, yet effective smoke.

Product Features include:

  • Low temperature activation point at !50 degrees
  • Not activate with a flame, does not burn surfaces. Can be initiated on paper.
  • Minutes to fill thousands of cubic feet of space
  • Increase the fill time by lengthening the CoolSmoke package
  • Increase the volume by increase the amount of CoolSmoke activated
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 3KG of Coolsmoke Material is initiated in an open pan with an electronic fuse and wind dispersal

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Applications include:

  • Special Effects for Entertainment
  • Marking for Wind Detection
  • Leak Detection
  • Smoke Screens

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