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Apparatus for Flame Discrimination

Apparatus for Flame Discrimination Utilizing Long Wavelength Pass Filters and Related Method

A flame detection apparatus is provided that provides low cost fire detection with improved false alarm discrimination and that includes at least two optical sensors, each configured with Long Wave Pass IR filter with distinct minimum responsive wavelengths and arrayed to broadly sample the MWIR band.

Optically Redundant Fire Detector for False Alarm Rejection

A system for confirming the detection of a fire using a plurality of radiation or flame sensors each equipped with a radiation detector and an optical filter having a spectral transmission characteristic in which at least one optical filter is redundant to at least one other optical filter. The result is a system having operationally redundant sensors. In use, if a fire is detected by one of the redundant sensors without including the other redundant radiation sensor in the fire detection calculation, then a fire detection algorithm can switch to the other operationally redundant sensor to check for confirmation of a fire. Due to the spatial separation and if the object is small and close, a different result will be obtained with the redundant detector being used in the calculation compared to the primary detector that is associated with the redundant detector. 

Optically Redundant Fire Detector For False Alarm Rejection
Capsaicinoid Smoke

Capsaicinoid Smoke 

US 2017/0267602 

A smoke producing method and device of the present disclosure produces a non-incendiary, organic-polymerization based, smoke-producing reaction. Some versions of the smoke are effective carriers for capsaicinoid compounds. The method of generating smoke comprises initiating a frontal polymerization reaction by heating a composition comprising a monomer compound that exothermically polymerizes upon initiation with an initiator compound and an initiator compound present at mass concentration that is at least five percent of the mass concentration of the monomer compound.