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 Safe Non-Pyrotechnic Obscurant

SpicySmoke is a non-incendiary, capsaicin-infused version of KnowFlame's CoolSmoke™, a highly effective visible obscurant. 

Safer to Use

SpicySmoke is created from a non-pyrotechnic activation and a non-incendiary reaction of the base formulation. Spicysmoke is therefore safer to store, transport and use than traditional materials.

Multiple Delivery Devices Available

The SpicySmoke formulation can be manufactured in any of several delivery devices, from smoke that retain the look and feel of familiar products to projectile-launched rounds for distant activation.

 Minimal Risk 

SpicySmoke can be utilized where conventional smoke products cannot-- in dry, grassy fields and inside houses and buildings containing combustible materials. Use SpicySmoke in environments where collateral damage must be minimized.

Effective Deterrent

SpicySmoke contains capsaicin, the key ingredient in pepper spray. SpicySmoke adds additional deterrent effects to CoolSmoke, while maintaining the exceptional visual obscuration property.

Dense, Persistent Smoke

SpicySmoke is a thick, long-lasting smoke that does not "settle" as quickly as conventional smokes. The SpicySmoke particles scatter visible light very effectively but do not interfere with thermal imaging devices.


Law Enforcement

& Military 

D2R Finalist