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Safe Non-Pyrotechnic Obscurant

CoolSmoke is a cost-effective, low-toxicity, flameless smoke formulation. A grenade can be dropped into water, thrown by hand, or launched into the desired area. A single grenade immediately produces a highly visible white vapor fog, well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Safer than Alternatives

CoolSmoke uses a non-pyrotechnic trigger to initiate a non-incendiary chemical reaction of safer materials to generate the smoke and is therefore a much safer product

Easy to Use

CoolSmoke initial tests have created smoke from a canister identical to conventional smoke grenade packaging to retain the look and feel of existing familiar grenades used by military and law enforcement

Multiple Delivery Devices Available

CoolSmoke’s unactivated material can be varied from a soft paste to a soft gel without affecting its smoke producing capability. 

Longer Staying Power 

CoolSmoke has significantly longer staying power compared to traditional smokes. Less smoke volume is required to achieve a given level of obscuration 

 Minimal Risk 

CoolSmoke can be used safely in locations where conventional smoke grenades could cause a fire such as dry, grassy fields or within houses or buildings where collateral and property damage must be minimized

Initiation of CoolSmoke production

Flameless Smoke

Full Obscuration

3KG of Coolsmoke Material is initiated in an open pan with an electronic fuse



Law Enforcement 

Security & Defense 

D2R Finalist