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About KnowFlame

Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. is seeking corporate entities interested in transferring DoD developed technology to the private sector. We are pursuing follow-on fire research and development. Fast Fire Detectors and CoolSmokeTM product plans are being evaluated. Knowflame is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. Polaris Sensor Techologies is a high technology Electro-Optics research firm participating in sensor development for all branches of the military, Department of Energy and the Department of Commerce. Recently, the company has launched a subsidiary Knowflame to leverage the Small Business Innovative Research to bring commercial products to the market. Among the purely commercial offerings are fast trigger fire detectors(1-2 nanoseconds) well suited to vehicles suppression systems and novel smokes well-suited for police and entertainment productions. As products that related to fire are developed the intellectual property is moved to Knowflame and commercial companies are contacted to match advanced technology to gaps in commercial product performance. 

What can we build for you? 

Flameless Smoke
Flameless Obscurant